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Black Friday Wee Wee Puppy Pee Pads For Dogs Cyber Monday 2019

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Description: Black Friday Wee Wee Puppy Pee Pads For Dogs Cyber Monday 2019 Reviews

Style:Regular | Size:200 Ct

When nature calls Wee-Wee Pads answer! These dog pee pads are more absorbent than ever featuring a 6-layer Floor Armor leak-proof system and oversized quilted pads. They also provide 24-hour wetness protection and include a targeted attractant to draw your dog to the pad. One size fits all so these pads are great for both puppy training and senior dogs. Plus our refreshed new packaging still allows you to recognize the Four Paws brand you know and love!

Product Features

  • Wee-Wee Pads are more absorbent than ever with a 6-layer Floor Armor leak-proof system
  • Oversized quilted pockets on dog pee pads allow for maximum absorption
  • Pee pads contain wet-lock gel that quickly traps urine
  • 22" x 23" dog pads intended for canines of all sizes
  • Dog training pads guaranteed to work or your money back

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